Majik Duce - Irish K.I.L.L.A.





1. Need No Introduction
2. Pocketfull of Rocks
3. Come on Up
4. Routine (feat. Ensizion, II Rel & Menacide)
5. Keep on Mobbin’
6. Strange Majik (feat. Q-Strange)
7. Casket Callin’ Me (feat. Hex)
8. Gold N Diamonds
9. Make Em Bleed
10. Won’t Let It Slide (feat. L-Dog)
11. Provoke (feat. Local 13)
12. Terrified
13. Machettiez and Mossbergs (feat. Hex)
14. Judgemental
15. Stay Blunted
16. Creep Walkin’ (feat. Ensizion)
17. Meet Your Destiny (feat. Ensizion & II Rel)
18. Walk with Me (feat. Menacide)


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